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Great comments from Lima on the role Futsal played in Neymar's development. Note the size of the ball! - Coach Paul
He was actually discovered by another Santos legend, Zito - nicknamed O Gerente – playing in a futsal tournament at 11-years-old. ‘In Brazil all kids start to play futsal before football,’ explains Luis Fernando Paes de Barros, who is another youth coach at Santos. ‘Until the age of 15 they play both. They benefit from playing on the smaller pitch indoors, in smaller teams; the size, the ball and also some technical aspects are different. We keep the futsal environment on the big field, working on the fast decision making, the movement without the ball, the tempo.
‘It helps players a lot
. It helped Neymar a lot. In a regular football training session one player touches the ball every five minutes. In a futsal training session, every 20 seconds.’
From the Daily Mail June 16, 2014- Read More
  Excerpts from an interview with Daniel Coyle on the role that futsal plays in brain development - Coach Paul
"For a soccer coach, this is where Futsal comes in. According to Coyle, there are many qualities of Futsal that make it the perfect tool for deep practice—and developing that all-important myelin. Because it is played on a smaller scale, with fewer players and a ball that has 30% less bounce, it naturally provides players with “perfect feedback and lots of quality reps.” Although the fundamentals are the same, the significant differences between Futsal and outdoor soccer make it the ideal setting for maximum learning with minimal coaching."
Grow Your Brain with Futsal: An Interview with Daniel Coyle By Anna Edgerton


 A Day In The Life of a Professional Futsal Goal Keeper. Thanks to Mark Litton our US National Team GK trainer for sharing
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