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... when my 6-year-old expresses the difference in the TrueFutsal approach by insisting on the use of only Coach Paul's matter-of-fact phrases in cheering from the sidelines: "Think about it"... "Where should you be?" ... when stress-free learning carries over to unexpected areas of our lives: he's able to self-monitor and adjust accordingly due to Coach Paul's instruction on conscious observation/feedback... we've experienced improvement in behavior/self-control, greater willingness to take risks, just to name a few! G. Slack, Lake Wylie, SC

First and foremost Paul Rodrique is a fantastic person, one of the most honest and humble people I've ever met.He's worked with all 3 of my kids (who range from 8 years old to 14 years old) over the past 3 years and the results have been incredible. Unlike typical soccer clubs, he's always going to put the interest of YOUR child first. He's an exceptional teacher and always runs very organized and well planned training, and makes it challenging AND fun for the kids. My kids love Paul as a person and as a coach, my wife and I have immense respect for him as a coach and as a great person as well. Futsal is a great tool for building skills and confidence, and Paul has the knowledge and experience to really develop those skills. D. Revels, Clover, SC

You would be hard pressed to find a better "incubator" program for Futsal or Soccer anywhere. Our family of two boys have tried Recrecation ball, club ball, and indoor, none of them were even close to the coaching Paul gave in the Futsal program. The kids loved it and parents also. Instructing these kids while letting them be kids is an ability that Paul has that is very rare in all sports. I would recommend any program Paul's involved and was devastated when he moved north. The results will be there for sure. M. Miller, Clover, SC     

Paul is great with the Futsal kids and has a real understanding of what it takes for the long term development of a player. He has a true passion for the sport, for the kids that play it now, and for the young adults that they will become because of the lessons he teaches. C. Rogers, Charlotte, NC

Dear Parent, I highly recommend Coach Paul. He coached two of my children in Charlotte, NC for 2 1/2 years. Coach Paul is knowledgeable, professional, caring, and enthusiastic about coaching. I most admired Coach Paul's fairness in treating all players equally regardless of their individual skill level. He showed the same attention to my daughter as every other player and set-up individual goals for her that aided in her development as a player.  G. Abrams, Charlotte, NC

Coach Paul is an incredible coach who takes the time to get to know each child's personality and their specific strengths and weaknesses. He cares about the individual development of each player while also focusing on the team dynamic. His distinct combination of patience and kindness, coupled with a deep knowledge of futsal and coaching, enable his players to thrive and grow. He respects the children and coaches in a way that empowers them on and off the court. Coach Paul fosters an environment of hard work, accountability and personal growth and any child will benefit from his tutelage.  H. Price, Charlotte, NC

“Coach Paul has a gift for coaching, is tremendous with the kids, and has made a huge impact in our lives. Our daughter trained with Coach Paul for the past four years with tremendous results! His mastery of technical skills and small-sided game strategy prepared our daughter so well for the highly competitive Southern California soccer scene. Happy to say that she made a real impact in tryouts with her unique style of play and was quickly invited to play on top-flight teams when we arrived in California. Our only regret is that she won’t be able to continue training with Paul now that we’ve moved. As for Futsal, there really is no comparison between the players raised on Futsal and players raised in the traditional outdoor game. Just watch Messi and you’ll know why. “ E. Blau Orange Cty, CA 9/16/2015

I am a 10 year old girl whom has played Futsal under Coach Paul for several years.  "I have personally thrived under your guidance and you have provided me with the skills to do what it takes to become a leader. You have pushed me to what I am today and I will continue to make you proud. I have absorbed everything you have taught me on and off the court. You will be missed. Thank you for your kindness and support. Until we meet again". J. F. Charlotte, NC 10/18/2015 (published with permission from her parents)

“My son has participated with Futsal for the last 5 years. From a physical standpoint he had developed solid foot skills. Coach Paul was quite instrumental in creating our mental toughness program to work on my son's game emotions. Coach Paul is patient, and kind, but stern with getting our son to stretch himself both physically and emotionally. You can't go wrong with Coach Paul coaching your child in the awesome discipline of Futsal. “ M. Atoyebi Charlotte, NC 1/24/2016

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